Saleh Khazaei Fadafan

Saleh has been a professional developer since 2008. His area of expertise is Scala, Java and High scalable systems. He is a skilled software architect with experties from many different projects and roles. Saleh is currently Technical Manager of Bale payment platform team.

PDF version of my resume is availabe here

Contact Information

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Research Interests

Large scale and distributed systems

Distributed Machine Learning

Neural Networks

Deep Learning

Computer Vision


MS, Decision Science and Knowledge Engineering

University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

B.Sc., Computer Engineering

AmirKabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
GPA: 15.86/20 (Grades availabe here)
Thesis: Remote Programming FPGA using a Raspberry Pi

Diploma of Mathematics and Physics

Hashtroodi High School, Mashhad, Iran
Last year GPA: 17.88/20

Awards & Honors

  • 3rdplace, Amirkabir University 2nd Game Programming Competitions, 2013
  • 2ndplace, Elecit 2D Soccer Simulation Competition, 2012
  • 5thplace, PNUOpen 2011 National Robotic Competitions, 2D-Soccer Simulation League, 2011
  • 3rdplace, Amirkabir University 2nd International Robotic Competitions, Virtual War Game League, 2010 (certificate available here)
  • 3rdplace, 12th Khwarazmi National Robotic Competitions, 2010 (certificate available here)
  • Participations
  • Participation, PNUOpen 2013 Competitions, 3D-Soccer Simulation League, 2013 (certificate available here)
  • Participation, 13thKhwarazmi National Robotic Student Competitions, 2D-Soccer Simulation League, 2011 (certificate available here)
  • Participation, PNUOpen 2011 Competitions, 2D-Soccer Simulation League, 2011 (certificate available here)
  • Participation, Robocup Iran Open 2011 Competitions, 2D-Soccer Simulation League, 2011
  • Participation, 12thKhwarazmi National Robotic Student Competitions, 2D-Soccer Simulation League, 2010
  • Participation, Robocup Iran Open 2010 Competitions, 2D-Soccer Simulation League, 2010 (certificate available here)
  • Participation, Startup Weekend Program in Tehran, 2015 (certificate available here)

Work Experience

Technical Manager @ Bale
Sep 2018 - Now
Back-end Team Lead @ Bale
June 2017 - Sep 2018
Scaling Engineer @ Bale
Sep 2016 - June 2017

- I designed and developed a high performance and highly scalable file server called Cozet. It can transfer about 14Gb/s per node (of course disks and network would be bottlenecks) and it supports multi-part upload and download to achieve better experience and it works both on HTTP protocol and it's own designed protocol (S3 support for the future).



- Back-end developer (PHP, Java)
- I designed a simulation system and an AI for an android soccer game (Java)

2014 - 2016

Software Developer @ Medrick Game Studio

- We implemented an extension for cocos2d which caused reducing memory usage by 66%. (C++)


Software Developer @ Amnpardaz Software Corporation

- I developed a windows application which locks/unlocks windows using face recognition. (C++, MFC)

2012 - 2013







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Languages: Persian (native), English (fluent)

  • IELTS (Academic): 7/9
    Listening (7.5/9), Reading (7.5/9), Writing (6.5/9), Speaking (6.5/9)
  • GRE (General):
    Quantitative Reasoning (165/170), Verbal Reasoning (145/170), Analytical Writing(3.0/6.0)

Programming Languages

What does Expert/Good/Familar means?

- Expert means that I have that skill and I've done real works with it.
- Good means that I have that skill and I've done some works for fun just to become more familiar with it.
- Familiar means that I've read about that skill but I didnt use it.

What does this progressbar means?

Colors show how much I'm eager to learn more about that skill.

  • C++ Expert - Projects - Good with MFC and Visual C++
  • Java Expert - Projects - Familiar with Swing and Android programming
  • Scala Expert - Good with event driven programming
  • Python Good - Projects - Familiar with Theano and Django
  • C Expert - Projects - Good with CodeVision
  • Matlab Good - Projects
  • Assembly (AVR) Good - Projects - Familiar with AVRStudio
  • Haskell Familiar - Presentation
  • VHDL Familiar - Projects

Frameworks & Tools

  • Akka Good - Projects
  • Logback Good - Projects
  • ElasticSearch Good - Projects
  • Spark Familiar
  • Zabbix/Grafana/Graylog Familiar
  • VMWare ESX/ Familiar

Operating Systems


Web Development Languages

  • PHP Expert - Projects - Familiar with MVC frameworks (e.g. Yee, Laravel)
  • JavaScript/JQuery Expert - Projects - Familiar with NodeJS
  • HTML/CSS/Bootstrap Expert - Projects


Engineering Tools: Matlab, Proteus, CodeVision AVR, PSpice, HSpice, ModelSim

Typesetting: Microsoft Word, LATEX

Miscellaneous: Git, Vim, Gradle, Sbt, IntelliJ, NetBeans, Visual Studio, VMWare ESX

Research Experience

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching Assistant, Amirkabir University of Technology, Fall 2016
    Course: Fundamentals of Programming, Dr. Nazerfard

  • Teaching Assistant, Amirkabir University of Technology, Fall 2015
    Course: Operating Systems, Dr. Zarandi

  • Teaching Assistant, Amirkabir University of Technology, Fall 2015
    Course: Internet Engineering, Dr. Bakhshi

  • Teaching Assistant, Amirkabir University of Technology, Spring 2015
    Course: Advanced Programming, Dr. NoorHosseini

  • Teaching Assistant, Amirkabir University of Technology, Fall 2014
    Course: Data Structures, Dr. Dehghan

  • Teaching Assistant, Amirkabir University of Technology, Spring 2014
    Course: Principles of Computer & Programming, Mr. Poorvatan

  • Teacher, Hashtroodi HighSchool, Summer 2012
    Courses: Object Oriented Programming with C++ under Linux, Data Structures and Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, System Simulation

Online Courses



  • Research Group Member
    • CNN Group, A research group that focuses on Convolutional Neural Networks.
    • Vision++, A research group with focus of image processing methods, 2012-2013
  • Executive Committee Member
    • Holding Graduation Party for 91 entries of Computer Engineering Department, 2016
    • Amirkabir University of Technology, Artificial Intelligence Competitions (ARAIF 2012)
    • Amirkabir University of Technology, Cafe Hiss Conference
  • Team Member
    • TiredBoys, Back-end Software Developer at Tiredboys Group, 2014-2016
    • Scorpius, Member of Scorpius 3D soccer simulation team, AmirKabir University of Technology, 2012-2013
    • Akatsuki, Member of Akatsuki 2D soccer simulation team, 2011-2012
    • GRCG, Founder and Leader of GRCG 2D Soccer Simulation Team. 2009-2012

Amirkabir's domain:

Dr. Ehsan Nazerfard

Dr. Majid NoorHosseini

Dr. Mahdi Dehghan TakhtFooladi

Mr. Bahman Pourvatan

Mr. Hossein Ansari

Mr. Alireza Ashayar

Mr. Arash Abdi